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nick | html5, js | 2011-12-16
为网站做一个搜索历史本地储存,想法是对于ie外的浏览器可以直接使用localstorage,但是对于不争气的IE,难道只能使用cookies? 然后搜到hacker news上的一篇文章。 Store.js – cross browser local storage without using cookies or flash (github.com) http://github.com/marcuswestin/store.js 于是才知道IE下的userData。 1.浏览器支持 userData是微... [阅读全文]

Fast JavaScript and Audio: Speech Synthesis in Your Browser

nick | js | 2010-07-14
If you haven’t been keeping track of David Humphrey’s work to bring audio manipulation to Firefox, you’re missing out. He’s made an update post with a huge number of demos, requiring some of the most recent advances in JavaScript found in Firefox – binary arrays, super-fast tracing-based FFT analysis, etc. This was my ... [阅读全文]

Music score notation in the browser

nick | css, js | 2010-05-12
Music score notation in the browser
CSS: score { title: Hip Tune artist: Hip Person bar { v8 C4 D4 E4 F4 (C4 E4 G4) } bar { v8 C4 D4 E4 F4 (C4 E4 G4) } repeat 3 } What if you could write music in a notation like the above? And have it render as something like this: Mohit Muthanna has implemented music notion in Canvas. He has the beginnings of it ... [阅读全文]