Raphael 1.4: Touch and more

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Dmitry Baranovskiy has been hacking away on Raphael. It is almost like he has had a bunch more time for it recently! :)

Version 1.4 has a bunch of cool new features such as:

  • Touch events support
  • rgba support
  • new method drag
  • document.onmousemove = f ? Raphael.mousemove(f)
  • resetScale method
  • scaling text will change it position, but not size
  • sets now have type “set”
  • rect in VML doesn’t recreate itself on change of the R
  • paths are not rounded to the nearby pixels anymore
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements
  • added preventDefault and stopPropagation to event object

Very nice.

Source : http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ajaxian/~3/u6BPuyQt94k/raphael-1-4-touch-and-more

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